Delivery Terms

Gift packaging is in stock and can be delivered within three working days.

If a particular item is not in stock in our warehouse, we will deliver it to you within 21 days, except in cases where our suppliers do not have it.

Deko material is available on request. Delivery time is 30 days.

If we or our suppliers do not have a particular item in stock, the delivery period is extended.

We will deliver the goods by contractual delivery. Delivery is free for shipments over 50 EUR net;

in the case of a shipment of lower value, we will charge the delivery according to the delivery price list (3 EUR / net)

In the case of collection on delivery, you will be charged the cost of the cash transfer service amounting to 1.25 net.

The terms of payment for delivery and the cost of the purchase apply to the territory of Slovenia. For delivery to abroad, we charge according to the price list of the delivery service.

By agreement, a takeover in our warehouse is also possible.

Samples of our products can be viewed in our warehouse, in advance agreement.